Why hire me?

Shopping for a real estate professional?  Here are 5 great reasons to consider hiring me to help you BUY or SELL a home:

1.    As your consultant, I will help lead you through the process of obtaining your real estate goals and help you make informed decisions based on today's market activity and trends. Experience has shown me how to anticipate objects that may come in the way of you and your dream home. I will help identify simple and sensible means to help you circumvent these obstacles.

2.    As your negotiator, I treat your money like it is my own. I will endeavour to save you money or make you money as each transaction arises. It is in your best financial interest to have a skilled, experienced and focused negotiator on your team. I am committed to a sound course of action and will reiterate the strengths of our position.

3.    As your overseer of critical transaction details, I will handle all the numerous phone calls, emails and paperwork between your lawyer/notary, mortgage broker/banker, home inspector and the real estate brokerage firms. I will explain contract items to you and make sure that the required paperwork gets to the right places at the right times. This will ensure an easy and stress free experience for you and your family.

4.    I work on a contingent vs. retainer basis which means that I invest all of the money, time and effort up front to help make your home dreams come true. Only, when YOUR dream comes true do I actually receive my first compensation. My second compensation comes from you recommending and introducing me to your family, friends and neighbours that you care about.

5.    I offer free home staging and advice to showcase your home. Studies have shown that homes that have had their home staged generally sell at a faster rate than those that haven't.  All of my Sellers get the added benefit of FREE homestaging when they list their home for sale through me.