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Why do Buyers want "Green Homes"?

Blog by Diane Cardoso | July 19th, 2011

Everone seems to be concerned with rising energy costs and with creating healthier home environments.  Building and renovating with 'green' features has now become a priority, whether it's a modest kitchen renovation or a major addition like a secondary suite.  The most popular green feature are energy efficient windows and insulation, which are not a huge up front cost but provide home owners with considerable savings over the long term. Energy efficient appliances also help to lower utility bills. Green building materials are becoming more important such as recycled flooring, reclaimed wood and concrete and low-VOC paint.  Buyers with bigger budgets are considering geo-thermal heating, open space to maximize light, green roofs and edible landscaping with no mow grass.  Overall Buyers are prepared to pay a higher price tag because they can see ghe 'green' payoffs down the road.