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Uh-Oh!! It's BC Assessment Time Again

Blog by Diane Cardoso | January 15th, 2014

Vancouver, BC - Yes......it's BC Home Assessment value time in our lovely Province!  It's our post Christmas Holiday rev up for Spring. 
I think for most homeowners, the BC Assessment evaulations are a mystery, as they don't appear to co-inside with "Market Value" (what a Buyer may pay for a home).  
Many clients contact me once they have received their Assesment Notice and some are wondering why their value is up or down from the previous year. 

BC Assessment evaluates all homes on July 1st of each year and as well all know, by the time we get our Assessment Notice in January of the following year, our home's value can be lower or higher, depending upon sales of similar properties in your neighbourhood.  If you think that your Assessment Notice is unfair, go to www.bcassessment.ca and complete the Notice of Complaint(Appeal) Form.I'm also happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the current value of your home. Just give me a call!  ~Diane