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Should you check Floodplain Maps before you buy a home?

Blog by Diane Cardoso | June 25th, 2013

What is Floodplain Mapping and why is it important for Homeowners?

Floodplain maps are a tool that shows cities and municipalities areas that are subject to high flood hazard, and they help administrators make decisions about how and where communities grow.  There are currently 87 existing floodplain maps available on line from the Provincial 
Government.  Experts recommend that these maps be updated every 10 years. 

 Before you purchase a home, check these floodplain maps to see if you are buying in one of these areas. The British Columbia Real Estate Association has been very proactive in getting stakeholders together to update these existing maps and getting agreed upon key actions to get this done.  To view the Floodplain Maps Action Plan, visit www.bcrea.bc.ca/docs/floodplainmaps_action_plan.