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SAVE $$$ Money & Energy

Blog by Diane Cardoso | September 27th, 2011

SAVE money and energy on these purchases:  $300 natural gas fireplace, $50 New hot water tank, $75 new energy star washing machine and more through: Fortisbc.com/offers.  Or call 1-800-663-8400 for more info.   Also,  Homeowners can SAVE an additional $5000 in federal grants from ecoEnergy, while taking advantage of the Provincial LiveSmart BC Efficiency Incentive Program that offers over $7000 in REBATES.   For more information go to: Powersmart.ca/livesmartbc.   If you would like to determine where your home needs energy improvement, you can have this done through a simple Home Energy Assessment.   Just email  Fortisbc.com/livesmartbc or call 1-800-663-8400 to arrange this assessment.  Note:  there is a charge for this service.  Check these out…....we all like to SAVE money and energy!