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8 Ways to "winterize" your home!

Blog by Diane Cardoso | November 14th, 2011

Here are 8 great ideas to 'winterize your home': 1) Seal cracks - check all your doors, windows and walls for cracks and gaps that allow drafts through and then seal them with caulking. 2) Install a programmable thermostat - save money on your home heating bill by programming the thermostat to be cooler when you are not home and have it only come on when you need it.  Sweaters and slippers also help to conserve some energy. 3) Insulate - consider adding foam insulation to our attic space and foam gaskets around outlets on exterior walls. 4) Clean your vents - make sure that your stove, furnace and dryer vents are clean and free from dust and debris. This will help them function more effectively. 5) Replace your old furnace - a condensing furnace uses an average of 33-38% less energy.  Check for the energy star label and government incentives for furnace upgrades. 6) Protect your windows - you can purchase plastic insulating kits or hang extra thick curtains for the winter months.  Consider upgrading your windows to thermal double glazed. 7) Home energy audit - Don't know where your heat and energy is being lost?  Investing in a home energy audit can show you were to best spend your money on your home. 8) Upgrad your hot water tank - new tanks perform up to 40% better than older models. If you can't update your tank, then wrap a pre cut water heater jacket or blanket around your tank.  Save money and energy!