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5 Things to Consider when Buying a Brand New Home

Blog by Diane Cardoso | March 8th, 2014

Should I buy a Brand New Home without my realtor? (single family, townhome or condo).  Here are 5 things to consider before buying a brand new home by yourself:
1)  Using my own Realtor gives me a licensed, experienced person to navigate through the Developer's Sales and Display Center
2)  Using my own Realtor will give me seasoned advise on which clauses to add to the Developer's Contract to protect me
3)  Using my own Realtor will help me understand the complicated clauses in the Developer's Contract
4)  Using my own Realtor will give me full representation and help me through new home buying process, including the Deficiency            Report
5)  Using my own Realtor will help me negotiate "bonus" items available through the Developer

Having your own Real Estate Professional with you when viewing and purchasing new home projects is a safe and prudent avenue to take.  Call me today before you jump into a brand new home purchase and let my experience easily guide you through this challenging process.