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4 ways to get you from Sale to Sold!

Blog by Diane Cardoso | May 16th, 2017

Shopping for a home can be a tiring process, espcially with work and family in tow.  A seasoned real estate professional can save you time and money:

1. The neighborhood

I will have the inside scoop on the neighborhoods you're looking at, from walkability to upcoming development projects that may affect the value of your home. They'll help you put the neighborhood's statistics into perspective so you can make an informed decision.

2. How to maximize your money

With in-depth knowledge of the market and what you're looking for, I can help you get the most house for your money. I can also help watch out for the 'money pit."

3. How to save time

I can do much of the time-consuming legwork of house hunting for you, so you don't waste time sorting through properties that ultimately aren't a good fit.

4. How to negotiate

As a professional negotiator, I have spent 32 years honing my skills. I know how to read a situation and how – and when – to employ the right tactics to make sure you get a fair deal.

But.....you also have to do your part too:
a) First get your mortgage "pre-approval" completed.
b) Decide on which is the perfect area for you to live in, and give consideration to where you work, travel time, schools etc.
c) Call and meet up with Diane for advise on the home buying process and how Government changes effect you.

Happy House Hunting!!
~ Diane