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4 Great Tips to help your Kids adjust to a new school & home!

Blog by Diane Cardoso | August 12th, 2017

At any age, a move can be stressful. But for school-age kids, a major move means changing schools, adjusting to new curriculum and finding new friends. Here are a few things you can do to help ease the transition and encourage kids during a school transfer.

1) Acknowledge their anxiety:

The first day at a new school can be even scary for kids. Let them know that their feelings are completely natural and understandable. Affirm their feelings, and then offer advice or personal anecdotes about times you have been nervous about and a situation that turned-out O.K.

2) Take a trial run:

Try to request a tour for you and your child of their new school, or at the minimum take a walk to and from and around their new school. Younger kids can be comforted by seeing their classroom and playground, and learning the location of the bathroom and the bus stop. Older kids may like to walk their first day's schedule: from the bus, to the locker, to their different classrooms.

3) Meet the neighbors:

Meeting your new neighbors and parents at your new school can be a great help for your kids. You can hear first-hand how families have navigated the school district, and even arrange play dates or meet-ups between your kids and other students. Start making connections as a classroom volunteer or lunch hour monitor.

4) Pack a special lunch:

If your kids bring lunch, make it a special one filled with their favorite snacks and an encouraging note from you. Nothing says everything will be OK better than a love note from Mom and Dad.

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