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4 great reasons to be a Homeowner!

Blog by Diane Cardoso | November 22nd, 2011

Why rent when you can own?  Here are 4 great reasons to become a homeowner: 1) Equity - when you are renting the only one that benefits is the Landlord, 2) Historic Low Interest Rates - This means big savings for consumers and combined with lower home prices (in some lower mainland areas), then this is a win-win for home buyers, 3) Ownership - imagine being able to paint your walls purple with green polka dots!  Landlords are not very receptive to this, and 4) Get to know your neighbours - Homeowner neighbours tend to stay put longer whether you are condo living or single family home living.  Don't sit on the fence anymore! It's time to take that leap and let me help you find the joy of homeownership.  Give me a call today!